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Damaged Cars & Rebuildable Cars

Accident Cars for Sale

Buying severely damaged cars can be a great option as a potential rebuild or its parts source. If you’re looking for damaged cars for sale, rebuildable cars, or accident cars for sale, we have what you’re after. We provide quality accident cars and used auto parts to our clients across the Eastern Townships, Quebec and into Vermont.

Reputable Damaged Cars for Sale

When you buy from us you can be sure that you get what you see. We stand behind everything we sell – whether it’s a rebuildable car or a single used car part. Adhering to the Quebec government’s guidelines and definitions for accident cars, we identify and inspect each and every vehicle we purchase and ensure that they meet the requirements for the various classifications. From rebuildable cars, severely damaged cars to un-rebuildable parts-only vehicles, we have a large inventory for you to browse.

Excellent Source of Accident Cars

Looking for an accident car for sale as your next rebuild project? Come to us and find out how much money you can save! We have an extensive selection of rebuildable cars and damaged cars for sale. Not just that, we make it quick and easy to find the exact match for the auto parts you need if you’re already working on a rebuild project.

Save Money, Rebuild Your Preferred Car

If you’re a professional vehicle rebuilder, consider working with us; we have access to all the car parts and accident vehicles necessary for you to rebuild profitable projects. Not only are rebuildable cars potentially a great way to save money on a vehicle, it can be an excellent way to get exactly the car or truck you want. Rebuilding these types of vehicles requires the expertise to perform the work and a reliable source of used car parts; we provide the latter, so call us today and find the exact used part or car you need.

Certified Quebec Auto Recycler

As a certified member of The Association of Auto Part Recyclers (ARPAC), and Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC), we are proud to offer full vehicle recycling services. We purchase a wide variety of accident cars and trucks, recycling them safely and efficiently, adhering to the objectives of these governing organizations. This allows us to provide you with high-quality, controlled-origin auto parts while respecting our environment. Through transparency, integrity and honesty, we follow and meet the outlines set by these organizations, ensuring our clients a top-quality source for accident cars and used car parts.

Our Environmentally Friendly Practices

Not only do we recycle all types of cars and trucks, we also recycle the auto fluids from the accident cars we collect. After the vehicle is cleared of all hazardous components such as oils, antifreeze, brake fluid, fuel, refrigerants and any other fluids, plus mercury or lead sources, we then repurpose all salvageable components of the vehicle including batteries and tires. Any remaining metal components that are unusable are then recycled as scrap. Why hold onto your old car when you can sell it to us? Give us a call, or email us and we can give you a quote on how much we’ll pay for your scrap car or truck.


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