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Used Car Parts Experts In Sherbrooke

At Pièces d’Autos Usagées Sherbrooke, a team of 22 professionals of car recycling is waiting for you.  People from here, with a great expertise, a strong experience and a good knowledge of automobile industry.

Car Recycling Using The Latest Technologies

With our computer system using the latest technologies, out knowledgeable experts can tell you, in a few clics, if the car part you’re looking for is in our inventory. And if it is not there, we can order it foir you! No matter if it is the engine, a clutch or any other used car part; we are part of a widespread network of North American automobile recyclers: no matter what you’re looking for, we’ll know where to find it.  

Much More Than Car Parts!

Once we’ll have found the required part to repair your vehicle in a ecofriendly manner, we won’t let you down! We have the equipment required to install any car part you buy from us, on the spot, as well as qualified mechanics to do the job. A big mechanic job to be done on your vehicle? For any big job related to your engine or to the clutch, our mechanics are there for you at the Rock Forest recycling center. A small fix needs to be done? You may call for an appointment at our head office on Galt street if it is more convenient for you. We also offer general mechanics for cars and trucks, even if your car or the parts have not been bought from us. You prefer going to your family mechanic? Our delivery service may drop your purchase at the location of your choice.

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