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Sherbrooke Has Used Auto Parts!

Much More Than Rust Buckets

We recycle! Cars do not get away with it. Everybody knows very well what a car junkyard is, but times are changing. What used to be known as a source of cheap auto parts for rednecks, or as a dumping ground where many old rusted cars are piled up in somewhat of a mess changed quite a lot. Automobile recyclers are now a strong link of the automobile industry, a must on going green. Since 1977, Pièces d’Autos Usagées Sherbrooke Inc. recycles and buys recent used cars, of every make, and provides work for 25 people.

New And Used At Pièces d’Autos Usagées Sherbrooke

Every year, Pièces d'Autos Usagées Sherbrooke Inc. buys almost a thousand of recent cars. These are sold, reconditioned or dismantled for the parts to be sold. After the cars are taken apart, the parts are cleaned, inspected and added to our inventory of inspected and guaranteed used car parts. We are also proud members of ARPAC, the association of auto parts recyclers of Quebec, which means that the used auto parts you are buying from us meet higher quality standards. Moreover, choosing recycled auto parts allows you to replace broken parts on your vehicle by genuine parts. We also have several new parts for many makes and models.  

Harder To Find Parts

In order to provide you with a wider selection, and also to meet a greater demand for some other, we have developed an expertise in used car parts importation. The parts come mostly from United States.  As an example, winters in Quebec are harsh on cross-members or gas tanks; thus there is a greater demand for these parts, making them harder to find in good condition on the used car parts market here in Quebec. However, in the southern states of United States, because of the difference in the weather, automobile recyclers have an overstock of these very same parts. That’s why, once in a while, we visit our neighbors from the south so we can bring these to you.  

Even Damaged Cars For Sale

Obviously, automobile recycling would be nothing without damaged cars, which are the main source for used car parts. You would like to buy a damaged car of a specific make and model to repair another one? No problem! All you have to do is contact us and let us know what you’re looking for, and if we do not have it in stock, we’ll find it for you.

In the Eastern Townships since almost four decades, we are one of the big players in used car parts in the Sherbrooke area. You make environment friendly choices in about every aspect of your day-to-day life, why not shift your car on the 3R’s? Our competent and enthusiastic team is waiting for you!



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