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Repaired/Used Car


I Took My New Car At The Car Junkyard

Yes, you read that! We have much more than car parts! On top of recycled auto parts, we also have used cars in excellent condition in our inventory. We choose carefully the used cars that we sell. Find out below how it works.

Where Do They Come From?

I can see you frown as if this is suspicious. Don’t worry, these vehicles are either cars involved in minor accidents that have been repaired and inspected, either cars stolen and found and unclaimed from insurance companies. If after a thorough inspection of the vehicle, we find out it would be too costly to repair it to put it back on the road so it can be driven safely and still offer its original performances, we take it apart to sell the parts. In Quebec, all vehicles must comply to the requirements of the Regulation Respecting Safety Standards For Road Vehicles and to the Highway Safety Code. When they have cleared the inspection, we stick an inspection sticker in the windshield that is provided by an S.A.A.Q. inspection agent.    

Which Make? Which Year?

Thinking about getting a second-hand car? Is there a specific make or model that you’re thinking about? Click on the icon below to access our browsing tool to find out the used cars and trucks we have in stock ready to hit the road. They have all been inspected and have the inspection sticker we mentioned above. Our browsing tool allows you to get basic information about the second-hand cars for sale we have in stock. Our team is available to provide further information about the history of any vehicle or for a road test. Get in touch! That’s what we’re here for!

Not Finding The Used Truck Or Car You’re Looking For?

Don’t worry. There is quite a turnaround in our inventory of used cars. Some are just coming down from the lift and are not featured on our website yet. The great quality of our second-hand cars speak for us; we sell quite a lot, thus we need to continuously get more to meet demand. Or, if you’re on the look for a specific model, we can make the search for you. You only have to let us know what you’re looking for, make, model, year, options, and our widespread network of partners will allow us to find what you’re looking for.

We are not a car dealer. However, choosing to get your next vehicle from a local automobile recycler means that, on top of having a more laid-back buying experience, you’re doing something for the environment and support your local economy. Come visit us or give us a call to discuss it further.


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