Come In The Garage

Once we’ll have found the part you’re looking for in our inventory, or that we’ll have ordered it from one of our business partners, come in the garage! If you do not have the tools or the knowledge to do the work yourself, or simply because you don’t want to get your hands dirty, we offer an all-inclusive service. We have all the required equipment to install all kinds of car parts, as well as qualified and competent staff to do it.  

Car Parts Installation

No matter if you go to the Rock Forest recycling center or to our head office on Galt Street in Sherbrooke, we can do all kinds of repairs.

In our team of certified mechanics, one specializes in engines, and another in clutches. Heavy duty mechanics are mainly done at the recycling center, where we have more room to work.

For minor fixes, we can also handle them on Galt Street. Qualified mechanics are there all the time as well.

Tire Service And All Kinds Of Repairs

As seasons change… In Quebec we need to change our tires! It’s one of the services we offer.  Any other type of repair or maintenance job is required? No matter if it is your alternator, brakes, chucks, installing a cruise control or a remote starter, or simply a broken mirror to replace, call us for an appointment. No matter if you got your vehicle from us or not, we can take care of it.

Call us at 819 566-2226, and speak with one of our team members for a custom and personalized service.  


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